Hoefer, Candida

Date/place of birth

1944 Eberswalde

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Candida Höfer worked at the Schmölz-Huth studio in Cologne from 1963-64, and studied in the Kölner Werkschulen and the Düsseldorf academy under Bernd Becher from 1968 to 1982, with some interruptions. Alongside Andreas Gursky, Thomas Struth, Thomas Ruff and Axel Hütte, Höfer is among the most important and internationally renowned representatives of the Düsseldorf school of photography. At the start of her career, Höfer was interested in studying social groups (for example in her series “Türken in Deutschland” – Turks in Germany) but later turned more to photographing public and semi-public interiors and spaces. She spent a considerable amount of time working on her Zoological Gardens series and in the past years she has made a number of magnificent large-scale images of atmospheric interiors, such as libraries, concert halls, cafés and museums using only the light available.

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Artist Artwork Price
Candida Hoefer ZOO WASHINGTON D.C. VI €2.880
Candida Hoefer Sporthochschule Köln II €2.618
Candida Hoefer Sporthochschule Köln I €2.380
Candida Hoefer Suermondt-Ludwig-Museum Aachen I und II €2.380
Candida Hoefer Kino €2.360
Candida Hoefer Wartesaal €2.124

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