Georg Kolbe

Date/place of birth

1877, Waldheim/Saxony

Day/place of death

1947, Berlin

Georg Kolbe - Kleine Stehende (Renate)
Georg Kolbe - Kleine Stehende (Renate)

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Georg Kolbe biography

From 1891 to 1898, Kolbe studied drawing and painting in Dresden, Munich and at Paris’s Académie Julian. He began to work in sculpture during his subsequent two-year stay in Rome; the sculptor Louis Tuaillon assisted him in his efforts. Back in Germany, Kolbe became a member of the Berlin Secession. The renowned art dealer Paul Cassirer represented the artist, who now worked exclusively as a sculptor. Around 1911/12 Kolbe discovered his own distinctive style. He became famous at that time, primarily through the idealised bronze sculpture “Tänzerin” (Dancer).

Those sculptures created somewhat later display elements closer to Expressionism instead of the gently modelled forms. Following the interruption of this successful, early phase of his oeuvre by the First World War, Kolbe was granted the title of professor in 1918 and also became the chairman of the Freie Secession. In the 1920s his style changed once more. A particularly successful phase in his oeuvre now began, and the artist created numerous portraits and nudes in bronze. From 1927 onwards, following the tragic death of his wife, he created sculptures related to religious themes as well as monuments. With their powerful and muscular bodies, the works of the 1930s once more display a modification to his figural ideal. Georg Kolbe was among the most successful German sculptors of the first half of the 20th century.

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Georg KolbeKleine Stehende (Renate)€82.960
Georg KolbeZorn (Flamme)€74.400
Georg KolbeSklavin (Sklavin mit gekreuzten Beinen)€69.600
Georg KolbeStürzender - Stürzender Mann, Kleiner Stürzender (Falling Man, Small Falling Man)€65.340
Georg KolbeAdagio€62.400
Georg KolbePaolo und Francesca€47.600

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