Picasso, Pablo

Date/place of birth

1881 Málaga

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Pablo Picasso can be seen as one of the leading artists of Classical Modernism. Equally at home in painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking and the design of ceramics, he developed an extraordinarily extensive and stylistically diverse oeuvre. After attending an art school in Barcelona and the academy in Madrid, he quickly freed himself from an academic manner of painting. In 1900 he had his first solo exhibition in Barcelona and, in the same year, he travelled for the first time to Paris, where he would move permanently four years later. His favourite motifs at that time were scenes from the milieus of the circus and the variété: during the so-called “Blue Period” and the subsequent “Rose Period” he carried out these depictions in the colours corresponding to the periods’ names. Already during his first years in Paris, Picasso was able to sell numerous paintings to the art dealer and publisher Ambroise Vollard, and he also met the collector Gertrude Stein, the dealer Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler and the artists Henri Matisse, André Derain and Georges Braque. In 1907, with his painting “Les Demoiselles d’Avignon”, he prepared the way for Cubism, which he then continued to develop, together with Georges Braque. The year 1912 marked the creation of his first collages and “Papiers collés”, and important exhibitions were held in cities including Moscow, London and Berlin. In the early 1920s a neoclassicist phase took place parallel to his Cubist style; in 1925 Picasso participated in the first exhibition of Surrealist painters in Paris. In the 1930s he worked intensively in sculpture, and the themes of the Minotaur and bull fighting began to occupy an important position in his graphic and painted works. At the World’s Fair of 1937, with the painting “Guernica”, the artist created a monument condemning the horrors of the Spanish Civil War; 1939 marked the publication of his most important work as a printmaker, the series of etchings “Suite Vollard”, created between 1930 and 1937. During the 1940s, after meeting the printer Fernand Mourlot, he created an extensive body of lithographs; in 1947, in the southern French town of Vallauris, he learned about the making of ceramics and utilised this knowledge to produce countless works in the years that followed. In his late work as a painter, the artist occupied himself with the works of Old Masters, including those of Velázquez and Rembrandt. In 1968 he created the series of etchings “347 gravures”, which once more take up subjects familiar from his oeuvre: the themes of painter and model, bull-fighting scenes, erotic images and circus scenes. The first Picasso museum opened in Barcelona in 1970.

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Artist Artwork Price
Pablo Picasso Femme et jeune Garçon nus, mardi 3 juin 1969 €1.128.000
Pablo Picasso Homme nu couché €688.000
Pablo Picasso Deux femmes nues se tenant €325.000
Pablo Picasso Portrait de jeune Fille, d'après Cranach le Jeune. II €322.400
Pablo Picasso Femme se coiffant - Studie zu La Guerre et la Paix €292.800
Pablo Picasso Saltimbanque et jeune fille €190.400

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