Martin Kippenberger

Date/place of birth

February 25, 1953, Dortmund

Day/place of death

March 7, 1997, Vienna, Austria

Martin Kippenberger - biography

Martin Kippenberger held either a cigarette or a brush in his hand, sometimes both. The artist could never be stopped, he was always painting, arranging, forming, or photographing. Sometimes he caught hold of an idea, sometimes it caught him – and when, for once, he didn’t have an idea, he fled into company, talked, joked, drank, did anything so that he did not have to relax.

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Martin Kippenberger Prices

Martin KippenbergerOhne Titel (Selbstporträt)€85.680
Martin KippenbergerMädchen verwechselten Pattex mit ihrer Pille€83.300
Martin KippenbergerPlakate€73.780
Martin KippenbergerÄTZ€73.780
Martin KippenbergerBEDIRFNISSEE (Krieg böse)€69.020
Martin KippenbergerExercismus von überfälliger Laune€61.880