Ewald Mataré

Date/place of birth

1887, Aachen

Day/place of death

1965, Büderich near Neuss

Ewald Mataré - Tänzelndes Pferd (Chinesisches Pferd)
Ewald Mataré - Tänzelndes Pferd (Chinesisches Pferd)

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Ewald Mataré biography

In 1907 Ewald Mataré moved to Berlin to study at the Academy of Art; in 1914 he then switched to the master class of the history painter Arthur Kampf. He also briefly worked with the Impressionist Lovis Corinth. After the First World War, Mataré realised his own entirely distinctive formal idiom and, in the process, turned primarily to sculpture. He created extremely precisely worked sculptures in bronze or precious woods – primarily of animals, which are reduced to their fundamental forms and characterised by their great formal clarity. Some of the sculptures are so heavily stylised that, at first glance, they resemble abstract forms or become symbol-like signs.

The most important motifs in the polychrome woodcuts are likewise animals depicted in a similarly reductive style. In 1932 Mataré received a professorship at the Düsseldorf Academy of Art. However, in 1933 he was dismissed from his position, because he was considered to be a “degenerate” artist. After the war, he began teaching again and received various German and international commissions for architectural sculpture. The doors of the Cologne cathedral, which he designed in 1947, are one of his best-known works. Joseph Beuys and Erwin Heerich were among his students.

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Ewald MataréTänzelndes Pferd (Chinesisches Pferd)€107.500
Ewald MataréStehende Kuh (Windkuh)€91.250
Ewald MataréStehende Kuh "Windkuh"€66.640
Ewald MataréKleine liegende Kuh€61.880
Ewald MataréKleine liegende Kuh (Small Reclining Cow)€57.600
Ewald MataréWeiblicher Torso€57.120

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