Emil Schumacher

Date/place of birth

August 29, 1912, Hagen, Germany

Day/place of death

October 4, 1999, Sant Josep de sa Talaia, Spain

Emil Schumacher - biography

Born in Hagen, the painter, and graphic artist Emil Schumacher is one of the most important representatives of German Informalism. After his training as a commercial artist at the School of Applied Arts in Dortmund (1932-1935), he worked as a freelance painter and, during the war, as a technical draughtsman. In 1947, he co-founded the artists’ group Junger Westen (Young West). In 1951, in Paris, he encountered French Tachism and American Action Painting. This influenced him greatly, and in the 1950s, he thus developed his own abstract style with a focus on colour alone.

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