Keith Haring

Date/place of birth

04. May 1958 ReadingPennsylvania

Day/place of death

16. February 1990 New YorkUnited States

Keith Haring - biography

Ironically, it was the oldest script in the world that inspired Keith Haring to his trailblazing modern pictorial language: The US American artist worked the difficult and complex themes of his times with simple shapes and lines, unmistakably rooted in Egyptian hieroglyphics which yet highlighted pointed references to political current events with incomparable freshness.

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Keith Haring Prices

ArtistArtworkPrice (incl. premium)
Keith HaringKeith Haring - Pyramid sculpture €124.000
Keith HaringKeith Haring - Pyramid €89.250
Keith HaringPortfolio - Kinderstern €75.600
Keith HaringKeith Haring - Aus: Pyramid €54.560
Keith HaringKeith Haring - OHNE TITEL €54.000
Keith HaringKeith Haring - Ludo €52.920