Bernard Schultze

Date/place of birth

31. May 1915 SchneidemühlPrussia

Day/place of death

14. April 2005 CologneGermany

Bernard Schultze - biography

The painter, graphic designer and object artist Bernard Schultze studied from 1934-39 at the Hochschule für Kunsterziehung in Berlin and the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, and was one of the founding members of German Informel painting. In Frankfurt in 1952, he founded the artist group 'Quadriga', the centre of German Informel, together with K.O. Götz, Otto Greis and Heinz Keutz. Whilst his early work carried traits of surrealism, from the 1950s he developed an individual form of gestural painting, influenced by French Tachismus and American action painting.

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ArtistArtworkPrice (incl. premium)
Bernard Schultze Phönix €77.440
Bernard Schultze Mannequin-Migof €32.670
Bernard Schultze Spyroh €32.130
Bernard Schultze Laokoon verzaubert €29.280
Bernard Schultze Untitled (Migof) €25.200
Bernard Schultze Fratzen-Tanz um Atom-Ängste €23.800