Lovis Corinth

Date/place of birth

1858, Tapiau/East Prussia

Day/place of death

1925, Zandvoort (Netherlands)

Lovis Corinth - Römische Blumen
Lovis Corinth - Römische Blumen

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Lovis Corinth biography

In 1876 Lovis Corinth (born Franz Heinrich Louis Corinth) began his academic studies in Kaliningrad (then: Königsberg), with the genre painter Otto Günther. Based on Günther’s recommendation, he transferred to the Munich Academy of Art in 1880, where he studied until 1884, including a one-year interruption. In October of that year, Corinth moved to Paris, where he entered the Académie Julian. In 1888, after a year in Kaliningrad, he moved to Berlin, where he adopted his artist’s name. From 1891 to 1901 he moved to Munich again, where he became a member of the Munich Secession.

Here he was in contact with Arnold Böcklin, Max Klinger and Hans Thoma. During this period, Corinth was intensely occupied with “pleinairism”. He also created portraits, nudes and religious and mythological history paintings, some of which were surprising on account of their direct naturalism. After a decade in Munich, the artist moved to Berlin, where he became a member of the Berlin Secession and, in 1911, was elected its president. In Berlin he created not only various self-portraits, but also portraits of numerous patrons who were important figures in society. Following a stroke in 1911, Corinth’s paintings are characterised by an increasing intensity and boldness. Between 1919 and 1925, he repeatedly stayed along the Walchensee, where he painted around 60 landscape paintings. In the final years of his life, in an intense struggle to achieve pure painting, the artist progressed on to an impressive late style that cannot be classified and also decisively influenced the art of the late 20th century. As a graphic artist, Corinth also left behind a very extensive oeuvre and created numerous cycles of illustrations. Lovis Corinth is among the most important representatives of German Impressionism.

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Lovis CorinthRömische Blumen€516.600
Lovis CorinthAmaryllis, Flieder und Anemonen (Amaryllis, Lilac and Anemones)€508.200
Lovis CorinthBlumen in Vase€322.400
Lovis CorinthAriadne auf Naxos€248.000
Lovis CorinthAnanas€162.500
Lovis CorinthSelbstporträt als Nürnberger Landsknecht€107.100

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