Antoni Tàpies

Date/place of birth

December 13, 1923, Barcelona, Spain

Day/place of death

February 6, 2012, Barcelona, Spain

Antoni Tàpies - biography

Something secretive surrounds the art of Antoni Tàpies, a puzzle, that has never been completely solved – perhaps because the artist himself perceived his work as incomplete, an oeuvre that made him the most important Spanish master of Informel Art.

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Antoni Tàpies Prices

Antoni TàpiesPols de marbre (Marble Dust)€121.000
Antoni TàpiesMATTER ON A STRETCHER€102.000
Antoni TàpiesUntitled (Large India Ink)€84.000
Antoni TàpiesCreu (Croix)€39.270
Antoni TàpiesUrpa€34.720
Antoni TàpiesUntitled€33.600