Georges Braque - Le moulin à café
Georges Braque - Le moulin à café

Braque, Georges

Date/place of birth

1882 Argenteuil

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In 1902, following an initial artistic training in Le Havre, Georges Braque went to Paris. After his fauvist period in 1907, he met the art dealer and future publisher Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler as well as Guillaume Apollinaire, who in turn introduced him to Pablo Picasso. From then on, a close bond of friendship united Braque with Picasso. In the following year, the first Cubist paintings were created in L’Estaque, near Marseilles: landscapes and still lifes, they are no longer concerned with light and colour, but primarily with the exploration and restructuring of space. Many of the Cubist works contain musical instruments; beginning in around 1911, Braque also introduced printed and drawn lettering as a compositional element to his painting. His sense for materiality soon led him to also use mixed materials such as sand and sawdust in his oil paintings. In 1912, as analytical Cubism was slowly transforming into synthetic Cubism, he created the first “papiers collés”, paper collages. In 1914 Braque was conscripted into the military, and he was severely wounded the following year. It was not until early 1917 that he began to paint again. Regardless of the motif selected by Braque, he was not concerned with an approximation of nature, with a portrayal or a symbol, but primarily with purely formal thoughts. Beside his painterly work, Braque also created a rich graphic oeuvre. The central theme of these works is the world of the gods, as well as birds, flowers and heads. The long series of artist’s books illustrated by Braque was begun in 1921.

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Artist Artwork Price
Georges Braque Le moulin à café €1.090.200
Georges Braque Si je mourais là-bas €22.320
Georges Braque Vol de nuit (oiseau XII) €18.300
Georges Braque Vol de Nuit (Oiseau XII) €12.000
Georges Braque L' oiseau et son ombre €7.440
Georges Braque Dans le ciel (Oiseau XV) €6.100

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