Baum, Paul

Date/place of birth

1859 Meissen

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Paul Baum is counted among the most important representatives of Neo-Impressionism in Germany. First of all, Baum was trained as a flower painter at the Meißen porcelain factory, then he studied painting in Dresden and Weimar. In the 1890s a journey to Paris introduced him to the works of Claude Monet and Alfred Sisley; later, in Belgium, he personally met Camille Pissarro and Theo van Rijsselberghe. In his paintings, which are orientated to the plein-air paining of the Barbizon School, Baum now worked up stylistic and colour impulses of Impressionism, which he gave his own characteristic. He became a member of the Secession in Dresden (1894) and Berlin (1902). On numerous journeys and lengthy stays in Holland, France and Italy, which became a permanent residence in 1924, the artist dedicated himself to the motif of landscapes, whereby he intermittently limited himself to the media of drawing and watercolour. In 1914, he was appointed professor at the Dresden Academy and from 1918, he received a professorship for landscape painting at the Kassel Academy of Art.

Paul Baum Prices

Artist Artwork Price
Paul Baum Junge Baumgruppe an Bachlauf €86.800
Paul Baum Frühlingslandschaft bei Hyères €68.200
Paul Baum Goldgelb-herbstlicher Baum in toskanischer Landschaft, rückseitig: Bauern bei der Kornernte (Dachau) €29.760
Paul Baum Stockgeflecht vor Haus, Kirchtum und Rathaustürmchen in St. Anna €22.320
Paul Baum Sommerwolken über flämischem Haus €18.600
Paul Baum Blick aus Waldrand auf Vorfrühlingswiesen, mit Frau und Kind, die aus dem Wald gehen €18.000

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