Renée Sintenis

Date/place of birth

March 20, 1888, Klodzko, Poland

Day/place of death

April 22, 1965, Berlin, Germany

Renée Sintenis - Großes Vollblutfohlen
Renée Sintenis - Großes Vollblutfohlen

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Renée Sintenis biography

In 1907 the sculptor Renée Sintenis (actually: Renate Alice Sintenis) began her training as an artist at the teaching institute of Berlin’s Museum of Applied Art – where women were permitted to study at that time. However, in 1909/10, she broke off her studies. In that year, she worked as a model for Georg Kolbe, and it was presumably his work that provided the artistic inspiration for the first of her early female figures. She took part in the exhibitions of the “Freie Secession”, which was founded in 1914 and in which Kolbe was also a member.

In 1917 she married her friend, the painter and typographer Emil Rudolf Weiß. In the 1920s Sintenis became known as an animal sculptor in Berlin; she had discovered this theme for herself in 1915. In 1920 Alfred Flechtheim signed her to a contract. A passionate rider, she repeatedly modelled horses and young foals, and these are among the most captivating works she created. Her sculptures and figurines display nuanced and vibrantly animated, “impressionistic” surfaces, which she worked lovingly. In the 1930s the public renown of the artist, who was denounced by the Nazis, diminished and she was prohibited from working. In 1930 she created her expressive “Große Daphne” (Large Daphne). After 1945, Sintenis worked in Berlin as a professor at the College of Fine Arts, and the German government awarded her a Cross of the Order of Merit. Her 1956 “Berliner Bär” (Berlin Bear) has served as the emblem for the prize of the Berlin film festival, the “Berlinale”, since 1960. Today Renée Sintenis is one of the best-known female German sculptors from the period of Classical Modernism.

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Renée SintenisGroßes Vollblutfohlen€210.800
Renée SintenisGroßes stehendes Fohlen€156.250
Renée SintenisGroßes grasendes Fohlen€86.800
Renée SintenisSich streckender Drahthaarterrier€43.400
Renée SintenisSitzender Junge mit Schalmei€40.000
Renée SintenisPolospieler II€36.890

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